Squirt B Roster

#4 Leonardo Mestrandrea Position: Forward Birthyear: 2006   #21  Zachary Pelikh Position:  Birthyear: 2005   #9 Lino Viau  Position: Forward Birthyear: 2005   #22  Brett Ishikawa Position:  Birthyear: 2005 #10 Kenneth Mcilwain Position: Forward Birthyear: 2006 #23  Mikhail Bereznyakov Position:  Birthyear: 2005 #11 Jake Rodriguez Position:  Birthyear: 2005 #50  Jackson Glasser Position: Goalie Birthyear: 2006...
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Squirt B Staff

HEAD COACH GUY VIAU guy.v@caheathockey.com   ASSISTANT COACHES ALON WASSERMAN alon.w@caheathockey.com DMITRIY ZHAROV dmitriy.z@caheathockey.com  TEAM MANAGER ROMAN PELIKH roman.p@caheathockey.com        


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Smbat Defterderian

Coaches Summary Coaching Philosophy: My coaching philosophy is built around hard work and passion for the game. My goal is to develop teamwork, individual skill and hockey sense, and instill a diligent work-ethic in players. As a coach, I want to push my players to want to better themselves both on and off the ice....
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Kelly Stirzel

Coaches Summary Education Level: Level 4 USA Hockey Certified Coaching Philosophy­. My mission and philosophy as a coach is to focus on development as a team and as individuals. As a coach I strive to teach my players discipline, competitiveness and teamwork. Individual improvement as a player and as person throughout the season is my...
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Jesse Henricksen

Coaching Summary Education Level: Level 5 U.S.A Hockey Masters in Coaching. Coaching Philosophy‐ I have been around the game of hockey for over 25 years. I grew up playing my youth & college hockey in California. I’ve been lucky enough to have traveled throughout the United States and Canada playing in various tournaments and National...
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Alec Benson-Dunn

Coaching Summary Education Level: Level 5 U.S.A Hockey (Masters in Coaching) Age Specific Modules: 8 & under (Mite),10 & under (Squirt),12 & under (Pee Wee), 14 & Under (Bantam) , 18/18/19 & Under (Midget)   Coaching Philosophy­ My mission and coaching philosophy involves positive team building and individual development using communication, hard work, and personal responsibilities. I...
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