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Kelly Stirzel

Coaches Summary

Kelly Stirzel BioEducation Level:

Level 4 USA Hockey Certified Coaching Philosophy­. My mission and philosophy as a coach is to focus on development as a team and as individuals. As a coach I strive to teach my players discipline, competitiveness and teamwork. Individual improvement as a player and as person throughout the season is my ultimate goal as a coach. My philosophy is that these individual improvements are what make a team grow and develop.


Key aspects of my coaching Philosophy:

•    Discipline
•    Competitiveness
•    Teamwork
•    Dedication
•    Commitment
•    Honesty


Reasons for Coaching:

I have been playing hockey since the age of five and I have always truly believed it was the best game of all time. I have matured greatly as a person and a player throughout the years of playing hockey. Hockey has taught me communication, commitment and responsibility. My love for the sport has only grown each and every year because of the aspects and teachings of the game. As my hockey career came to an end I always saw my self on the ice giving back to the sport after receiving from it for so many years.

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